Creating Techniques

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Creating Techniques

Post  Admin on Wed Mar 28, 2012 9:38 pm

On the second page of the Character Calculator there is a spread sheet for creating techniques, abilities, and ninjutu. These calculations are NOT set in stone. However they are a basic guideline when making your special attacks. Unique skills are encouraged but it should follow these guidelines to make sure everyone stays relatively equal in strength even if they do total different things.

This system is purposely vague. I want people to make what ever they want to make. However to many times in free form RP people have this great idea but have no idea of how to balance it, What effective rank the ability should be and the like. Final approval will be up to a moderator but as long as the cost, damage, effect and duration relatively match up it will likely be approved.

If someone asks for a 200 fire & Shadow damage, 100 radius of black fire that scorches everything is touches for 100 Chi the answer is no.

If they ask for that same technique for 300 Chi it would be much more likely to be accepted

In closing. Used the spread sheet as a base line. Then use common sense. Then imagination and you should not have issues getting your attacks approved.


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