Creating a Character Sheet

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Creating a Character Sheet

Post  Admin on Wed Mar 07, 2012 8:58 pm

After you have filled out the calculator and made your choices for stat and skill placement you are ready to create your application. Some people may struggle with this the first time but it is not over hard once you have done it once.

Step 1) At the bottom right hand corner of the Microsoft Web Excel is a green button to download your finished sheet. I would recommend saving it for easy modifications from Techniques and abilities.

Step 2) Once you have saved your sheet open up the file in Excel or Open office.

Step 3) Highlight all of the active cells and press Ctrl-C

Step 4) Open up some paint or editing program and press Ctrl-V to paste.

Step 5) Save the new file as a .Png

Step 6) Begin your application post and click the button for "Host Image" (It is at the center and is a Picture and a Floppy disk)

Step 7) Find your saved .Png file and accept. Your character sheet should appear on your post.


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