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Post  Admin on Wed Mar 28, 2012 10:25 pm

What should one do if they lack Excel/Office?

You shouldn't need it. You should be able to fill out the web based one, save it, convert it to an image (the process is explained in the character section) with out having excel. If for what ever reason there is an issue (Or if you want to save your sheet in a modifiable form which is probably a good idea for ease of leveling) I've used open office for years for College and Work from home and it is free.

What is the over all plot?

As far as Plot goes I tend to have a more fluid and dynamic outlook on things as a GM/Admin. The storyline will change depending on the actions the players choose and the end "Goal" that one person or faction is working for may not come true if they make poor choices. I don't believe in leading PC's around by their noses and as long as they are not being disruptive or rude I adjust the story on my end instead of setting up circumstances forcing them to be where I want them to be. Missions will become a part of the Plot as the story evolves.

What is the setting like?

This site obviously does not follow Cannon for either Manga.

The Shinobi nations have found peace amongst themselves and the borders are no longer heavily guarded but they still prefer to stay secluded from the rest of the world.

Gense is an Island about 30 miles off the coast of the great nations it is a little larger than Japan. They have modern technology and due to the Gate being stuck open more an more humans are being born there with abnormal spiritual powers.

In the center of Karakura Town a permanent gate way to Soul Society has mysteriously opened. Those with out spiritual pressure can not see it or pass through it. This has obviously be an issue of some alarm in Seireitei as no one seems to know what has caused this.

Slightly north of Gense a new Bermuda Triangle of sorts has appeared. The sky almost always seems to have a purple haze as if stuck in a
perpetual twilight. At the center of this span of ocean that most sane people have stopped traveling though lies a gate to Hueco Mundo.


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