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Fujiwara Kenshin - Applicant  Seeyou10
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Fujiwara Kenshin - Applicant

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Post  Fujiwara Kenshin on Wed Mar 28, 2012 10:45 pm

Basic Information

Name: Fujiwara Kenshin (Surname, Given)
Apparent Character Age: 19
Real Age: 114
Likes: Turtles, the beach, large gatherings, women and sakura blossoms
Peeves: Being called a turtle
Phobias: Aquaphobia - Kenshin fears drowning

Fujiwara Kenshin - Applicant  Fujiwa11

Common Knowledge

Appearance: Kenshin stands just under six feet tall, five foot ten to be exact, and weighs no more than 145 pounds. Nothing interesting can be said about his clothing as he always wears the typical black and white robes of a Shingami division member. His hair, however, is a fluffy, unkempt mess of auburn locks kept at medium length. When it reaches mid-neck he always has it trimmed down again. Like his hair, his eyes are a bright auburn color with small flecks of gold scattered throughout his iris. The strange color patterns of his eyes is quite possibly the only thing, aside from his outgoing personality, that makes him standout in a crowd.
He keeps himself physical fit and healthy by keeping to a strict workout and exercise routine, surprisingly he has yet to falter for even a day when it comes to this regimen.

Personality: Stubborn, outgoing and slightly defiant. Kenshin likes to take life slowly and easily, making sure to enjoy himself along the way. He's lazy and likes to sleep a lot, but he doesn't mind rushing if the reward is beneficial to him in the end. Because of his personality he's been given many nicknames, the most prominent one is Kame or Turtle.


His days were filled with being scolded, running from adults and a general sort of mayhem that followed him wherever he went. He was constantly trying to fill the empty void that plagued him, a sort of nagging hunger that he couldn't quite satiate no matter what he did. So he kept on causing trouble. He associated the hunger with loneliness, and decided to get into trouble in order to fill that hole in himself. This pattern continued for several years to come.
It wasn't until he pulled a prank on a passing Shinigami that he was finally caught and reprimanded for his actions. The Shinigami, a member of Division 13, forced the boy to tell him everything that caused him pain. Kenshin explained that he had grown up alone, and that his mother passed away several years ago. The boy explained that he felt this strange, ever present hole in his stomach that he couldn't fill no matter what he did. It was after this statement that the Shinigami explained to Kenshin what a Shingami was and invited the boy to the Seireitei in order to be enrolled in the Shino Academy.
The expenses were covered almost entirely by Division 13's Captain, and the boy was charged with cleaning the Division's barracks whenever he had the time. This allowed him his first views at life as a Shinigami, how they functioned, how they worked, how they managed as a group - as a family. Kenshin wanted that family. He wanted to finally be part of something, to be praised. This driving need fueled his studies at the Academy and eventually he graduated and applied to Division 13 - striving to repay the remaining debt that he had accumulated.

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