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    Combat: Winning and Loseing

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    Combat: Winning and Loseing Empty Combat: Winning and Loseing

    Post  Admin on Tue Mar 06, 2012 11:39 am

    There are several action that you may take during your post. From attacking to total defense, the following are the is and outs of combat.

    Attack: When you choose to attack your opponent its pretty straight forward. To total up you Attack Score and then compare it to your opponents Defense Score and then subtract. If your Attack score is greater than there defense then you deal the remaining amount as damage. If the opponents defense is greater than your attack then you deal 0 damage.

    Full Defense: Sometimes you need to just dig in and protect your self. When you choose to take a Full Defense you are not able to make and sort of attack, technique, or ability for that post. Until your next post your Defense and Spirit Defense are doubled.

    Hiding: You may choose to hide from your opponent. If you do so your hide score is your speed * 2. Your opponent Spot score is equal to their sensing * 2. If your opponents Spot is higher than your hide then they see you. While hidden you may not be attacked. You may only try to hide once every 5 posts.

    Sunder: You may attack your opponents weapon or armor. To do so works just like a normal attack action except it is opposed by your opponents Defense Score + the weapon/Armors defense. When striking an object that is not being held you only account for the items Defense Score.

    Techniques/Abilities/Etc: These will vary character to character. Most will take a full post to use but some skill will specify that they can be performed in less time.

    Gaining XP
    XP Chart

    1. TBA
    2. x
    3. x
    4. x
    5. x
    6. x
    7. x
    8. x
    9. x
    10. x
    11. x
    12. x
    13. x
    14. x
    15. x
    16. x
    17. x
    18. x
    19. x
    20. x
    There are effectively two type of fights, Exhibition and Battles. And Exhibition match is like a sparing or training match, you gain xp but at a much lower rate. Battles grants much more experience but at the risk of actual harm.

    Exhibition matches: Exhibition matches can only be performed between allies or in certain pre approved situations. These are effectively training matches where one can test their skills with relatively no risk of injury. You gain a small amount of xp for participating in a Exhibition match. the Winner gains (150xp * the level of his opponent) were the loser gains (75xp * the level of his opponent). You can not challenge the same person to a exhibition match unless you have battled at least two people or completed a mission since the last match. If a week ( In Real Time) has past since the completion of the last match you may re-challenge the same person.

    Battles: The other way to gain expierence is through true battles. This can be a death match with an enemy character or a mission given to you to defeat NPC's. Either way your character runs the risk of being injured when taking these type of fights however the rewards are much greater. In addition to Wealth related rewards. titles, and quest completion the XP earned is higher. For winning a Battle you are awarded 300 Xp* the level of his opponent and the losses gains 150xp * the level of his opponent... at a cost.

    Lossing Battles: When you loss a battle you get injured. Being injured gives you a penalty to one random score(Roll a D10) equal to 10* your level. You will be required to hire a healer to help you recover if you wish to regain your previous strength. Some missions may provide a healer as part of the missions others may not.


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