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Post  Admin on Mon Mar 05, 2012 11:37 pm

Shinobi & Shinigami is a RP community at war. Ninja, Soulreapers and all beings in between are stuck in an all out battle for survival. Where
will your loyalties land you?

S&S is a site with a fluid combat system that allows you to create and roleplay your ultimate Ninja or SoulReaper. Challenge each other or take missions to earn money and respect. The world is in chaos, will you and your friends hold it together or will you chose to cast the final straw. Fate is in your hands....

  • Spend points in 10 different stats, Each with unique abilities.
  • Earn special skills to further customize your character.
  • Create your own devastating techniques
  • Do missions with your allies for fame and glory
  • Earn XP based both on Battles won and RP quality.
  • Easy to use calculator on the Portal does all the math for you.
Things to come....

  • Arena with ranking system.
  • Hollows, Full Bringers and Curse Seals
  • Expanded Class System
  • Weekly Objectives
  • And much more...



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