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Getting Started!

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Getting Started!

Post  Admin on Wed Feb 22, 2012 7:17 pm

Every level you gain 25 Stat point and 2 Skill Points

Every 4th level you gain a Class Point, This can be spent in any class you meet the requirements for.

You may spend no more than 15 points on the same stat per level gained.

All scores begin at zero. 0 is equal to an average human being.

Basic Terms

Attack Rating:

How strong your over all attacks are. It is figured at Your level +
appropriate combat stats+any short term modifiers.

Defense Rating:
How strong your over all defenses are. It is figured as your appropriate
defensive stats+any short term modifiers.

Ichigo is level 12 with 100 str, 100 speed, 50 Defense and 50 Power
He would have 162 Physical Attack rating (12lv+100Str+50Spd) 100 Physical defense (50Spd+50 Def) and 50 Technical Defense (50Spd)

For those not good at math there is a interactive Calculator that figures everything up for you on the Portal.


Each stat offers unique abilities as you advance in the stat so choose carefully how much you want to invest in each skill.
Temporary stat boosts due to Speed Ranks or other techniques do not count toward gaining stat abilities unless specifically noted otherwise.

Power: Effects the amount of Chi your character has. The basic amount of Chi you start with is 50 and you gain 5 Chi for every level you gain. You get 10 additional Chi for every 5 points you spend in Power. Chi is used to empower attacks, boost defenses, and create summons. Some cultures refer to this a Chakra while others refer to it as Spiritual Pressure. Some examples:

  • Power 35; Base 50 (7 * 10) = 120 Chi
  • Power 60; Base 50 (10 * 10)= 150 Chi
  • Power 100; Base 50 (18 * 10) = 230 Chi

You can spend no more than an amount equal to your level*10 in a single post.

Speed:: Describes the maximum speed at which your character will be able to move. A master of speed moves faster than the average eye is able to perceive, blurring thought the battlefield and disappearing in a flash. Your level in this stat also increases the speed that your projectile spells and abilities move at. 50% of your speed score should be figured into your defense rating and 50% should be figured into your attack rating.

Sensing: The ability of your character to sense other character's Chi. As you achieve mastery in this skill you will be able to see Chi as it flows though people and objects. The ability and understanding of how to suppress ones Chi is also tied to sensing making it a desired skill for those who wish to rely on stealth.

Knowledge: Your character’s capacity to learn new techniques, abilities and spells. The higher your knowledge the more abilities you can master. Higher levels of knowledge also grant advanced proficiency with selected skills making it easier to utilize .

  • 0 - 5: 1 ability
  • 10 - 15: 2 Abilities
  • 20 - 25: 3 abilities
  • 30 - 35: 4 abilities
  • 40 - 45: 5 abilities
  • 50 - 55: 6 abilities
  • 60 - 65: 7 abilities
  • 70 - 75: 8 abilities
  • 80 - 85: 9 abilities
  • 90 - 95: 10 abilities
  • Etc...
Strength: This skill influences your character’s raw physical power. Strength is the brute physical force your character can exert at any one time. From breaking walls to crushing opponents with your bare hands, Masters of strength are able to solve most problems in life with a swing of their arm. This score is added to physical attack rating.

Zanjutsu: Is swordsmanship directly meaning "Art of the Sword". It is the fighting style for the Zanpakutō, (i.e. sword fighting). Although it translates to swords play all weapons training falls into this category . The higher the skill level with Zanjutsu the more graceful and devastating techniques one can master. This score is added to physical attack rating.

Hand To Hand:Your ability as a brawler. As the stat increases your strikes become refined, instead swinging wild punches you learn to weave elegant yet forceful strikes as your technique improves. Masters in this skill are able to execute extremely intricate maneuvers precisely and flawlessly. This score is added to physical attack rating.

Defense: The antithesis of the strength skill, it is how well you can take a physical blow and endure physical damage. Massive blows can be struck with out leave bruises and blades can shatter against bare skin when facing a master of defense. This score is added to physical Defense rating.

Spirit Power: The amount of Force your character can exert with his or hers Chi. This skill functions like Strength does for except it effects Kidou, Ninjutsu, and techniques instead of brute force. 150% of this score is added to Spirit attack rating.

Spirit Defense:The amount of Spirit damage your character can take. This ability functions like defense except it is used to defend against Spirit based attacks. This score is added to Spirit defense rating.


Two level 10's get into a fight. One has a strength of 150 (Maxed per level 10) and 75 hand to hand. His opponent is much more rounded with 90 Str , 50 speed and 85 defense. The first one attacks with a score of 235 vs his opponents 110 defense for 125 damage. The second one then attacks for 125 damage vs 0 Defense. Which leaves them relatively balanced against each other.

So whats next? After you have taken a look at what abilities each stat has to offer and selected where to put your stats points it is time to pick you skills. For more information on skills please click HERE


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